Here I sit on the twentieth of December, with little or no inclination to shop. Correction: little or no inclination to be in a shopping mall or center. I might click my way to a few items, from the comfort of my MacBook Pro.

As much as I enjoy people, I do not wish to be among them this Friday night. In fact, the more seasoned I become, the less I desire to go all out for this holiday. I must remember, after all, that this is not my birthday coming up.

What happened to us? Where did we go wrong? When did we take the sharp turn that took us so far off course? There are actually some people that think we Christians have messed up Christmas with our emphasis on Jesus. We have almost forgotten the child for whom we are throwing the birthday party. Imagine planning a celebration of Brandon’s birthday and forgetting to invite Brandon!!

O Christmas child

May we remember

The Wondrous Gift you are

Free us from self

And foolish distractions

Lest we forget whose birth we hail!!

Thou art our help and

We are lost, apart from Thee