Late last month I took my annual trip to the town of Cassville, WI. My friends, Ron and Linda Hulst, have owned the Eagles Roost Resort for 37 years and I have been going there for 22. The resort is right on the Mississippi River. This year, the residents of the central and northern Plains have seen record rainfall numbers and many on the river have seen rising water levels threaten their property. What does one do when the river seems to be invading one’s living space? Pray? Erect a wall of sandbags?


June Rainfall


Location Rainfall (Inches)
Sioux City, Iowa 13.25
Spencer, Iowa 10.64
Minneapolis, Minn. 10.85
International Falls, Minn. 9.93
Norfolk, Neb. 9.57
Omaha, Neb. 9.16


It is sobering to think that the same water which brings us pleasure as we swim, cruise, water ski and go fishing, is the same water that floods a house or resort.


This is not the first year my Wisconsin friends have been “betrayed” by the Mighty Mississippi.


Rain is a wonderful metaphor for spiritual renewal (Psalm 72:6; Isaiah 44:3-4). We ask Papa God to rain on us and send the refreshing showers of blessing on us. Could it ever, spiritually, rain too much? Could we have a spiritual flood? Oh, I hope so!!!!


Glad the tomb is empty

Richard Allen Farmer

Stone Mountain, GA