I took a few minutes in my office today (Monday) to re-read Shel Silverstein’s classic children’s book, The Missing Piece.


It is the story of a circle that is missing a wedge-shaped piece. As it rolls along, it sings, stops to smell flowers, talks to worms and enjoys nature. When it finds its missing piece, it can no longer sing, because its mouth opening is filled with the newly found piece. The circle discovers that what it thought it wanted wasn’t what it wanted at all.


In the Church, we can discover that as well. We say we want change but when it comes, it may not be as welcomed as we thought it would be. We say we want new people in our community of faith. When they come they cause changes. We discover that we didn’t want the new people as much as we thought we did.


May Papa God equip us to not only welcome the missing pieces in our personal and community lives, but also genuinely embrace the changes as a gift from Papa God.


“And as it rolled is sang this song-

‘Oh I’m lookin’ for my missing piece

I’m lookin’ for my missing piece

Hi-dee-ho, here I go,

Lookin’ for my missing piece.’ “