Away from the pulpit and piano, Dr. Richard Allen Farmer is a man of diverse and fascinating pursuits. He is an experienced, instrument-rated pilot; a certified SCUBA diver; a motorcyclist, Segway rider, world traveler and vintage automobile enthusiast. He is also a... read more


Recently our congregation, the saints at Crossroads Church in Stone Mountain, had the treat of meeting their pastor’s college roommate. The Reverend Joseph C. Phillips and I have been joined at the heart since the fall of 1971. That’s a long time! I... read more


Rosemary Simmons and I were joined together, officially, in a wedding ceremony at St. Stephen’s Church of God In Christ in San Diego on Saturday, June 13, 1981. As we celebrate our 35th anniversary tomorrow, I am in a most reflective mood and mode. It is very... read more

Yes, Please

Actress, writer, producer and director Amy Poehler writes this frank, comic memoir. Known from her years on Saturday Night Live and her hosting awards shows with Tina Fey, Poehler is acerbic and introspective. She writes about the culture of Hollywood and the effect... read more

41: A Portrait of My Father

This loving tribute to the 41st President of the United States by his son, George W. Bush, is touching, insightful and humorous. George H.W. Bush was a one-term President who did not become bitter, cynical or mean. It’s a good read for those who would like to... read more

Thoughts Pre-Birthday

In just a few days, my twin sister and I will celebrate our 63rd birthday. If you wish to send a card, the date is November 16. :-)) As I approach my date of birth, I am always more pensive than usual.  I am never morbid about it. I am always flooded with thoughts of... read more

A Most Unforgettable Weekend

They came from many cities around the country. There was a friend from Champaign, IL and several surprise guests from Dallas,TX. Members from the church I pastored in Pittsburgh, PA in the 1980s were there. A private plane came in, bearing three, from Maryland.  My... read more